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These questions are formed around a hidden history of the Scandinavian and European past. It is our hope that you, our readers, and research people such as S. Parkes will inspire us with further insights and your answers to these questions.

Aims and Cyclical Unfoldments

The aim is to look back into Scandinavian, Celtic, European and Middle East prehistory, and to uncover parts that have been hidden for a long time. A theme is followed with these questions which will include Astrological eras formed by the Precessional Cycle. This in turn will include ancient megalithic sites, mythology and folklore.

This is because Scandinavian prehistory, as Celtic prehistory, is filled with folklore about saga kings, giants, trolls, faeries, etc. For instance, on the west coast of Sweden, the area Bohuslän used to be called 'Alfheim', the 'home of elves'. I will also include the Anunnaki legend with its satellite Nibiru, its possible cyclical return to Earth every 3600 years, how this may fit with the Precessional cycle (PC). Information about the Nibiru cyclic returns is taken from Pleidian sources through Barbara Marciniak.

What is the Precessional Cycle? Very briefly, due to a cyclic movement of the polar axis, there is a gradual shift of zodiacal constellations across the Vernal equinox changing about every 2160 years, and the reason it is said we are now entering the Age of Aquarius. The PC is often seen with ancient megalithic structures, which in turn points to a heritage of very advanced astronomical knowledge going back many thousands of years.


Does Scandinavian knowledge about their history stop with the Vikings? As if there is a big hurdle to go back further in time? We know today that human history has been manipulated. But is there a specific reason for the suppression of Scandinavian history – to do with the Norse people as such?

A New Seed

We start with the Precessional age of Virgo in between cirka 13.000 – 10.800 BC (the timings are hypothetical and no absolutes). In esoteric traditions, Virgo is said to symbolize new beginnings. For instance with her star constellation Coma, alternatively the Star Spica, she is carrying a seed for new growth.

This era is prehistory, shamanic hunter gatherers walked the parts of Earth not covered by the last ice age. However, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Vedic legends talk about previous ages of gods, halfgods, giants, heroes, of Golden ages, but also of wars between Titans and the 'gods' in the heavens, in time going back thousands if not millions of years. This is the era of the last phase of legendary Atlantis, but also of predynastic Egypt (called Zep Tepi). It is said an Osirian religion revisited Earth around this time to heal a misadventure caused by his brother Seth. Seth being a symbol and agent for dark luciferian forces.


But what are the Nordic links to Atlantis?

The Great Flood

The age of Leo is in between ca 10.800 – 8640 BC. Possibly the Nibiru visits Earth 10.800 BC. Whether due to comets, Nibiru, a Super Nova explosion, an axial tilt, or something else, this era starts with many cataclysmic events, such as the Great Flood. At the Giza plateau, the Sphinx (Lioness Tefnut) is very fittingly and Precessionally facing its own constellation Leo at the Vernal Equinox. This event takes place 10.500 BC as illustrated by G. Hancock and R. Bauval in their book 'Fingerprints of the Gods'. Leo is the sign of Atlantean kingly races and lineages.

Around 10.400 BC, there is a magnetic shift of the N S polar axis called the 'Gothenburgh Flip'. A possible last fall of Atlantis takes place around 9600 BC, there are major floodings but also a likely fall, or a change of human consciousness. In Northern Europe, the ice is melting and settlers are found simultaenously in the far north along the Norwegian coast lines, and in the south of Sweden. An advanced megalithic Earthwork, Gobekli Tepe, is built in the Middle East around 9600 BC - nearby areas where it is said Eden takes place, and Agriculture begins by those called the 'Shining Ones', or the 'Watchers', the 'Fallen Angels' by some.


Can we trace these beings into the North? Who were they? Anunnaki, Sirians? Serpent Teachers later to be called Druids? Are they giants and the founders of ancient Megalithic technologies found all across the Earth?

Indoeuropeans, who are and were they?

After the fall of Atlantis, did all the Indoeuropeans come from areas around Caucasia and the Middle East? Or did some IndoEuropeans (in Theosophy: 5th Arian rootrace) come directly from Atlantis? For instance, it has been shown that the DNA of the Celts in western Ireland, is different from the Celtic people in central Europe. 'Doggerland' exists, a now sunken land portion connecting Britain with Europe, that may have links with the finds of a Frisian book: 'the Oera Linda Book'. Which describes of a possible, but now forgotten culture called 'Frys land', or 'Friesland', which would have covered large areas of Europe.


Who were the people living on the west coasts of Europe, as a contrast to Indoeuropean Middle East influences? (Frisians, Basques, Berbers, Guanche from Canary Islands, Pre Celtic people?)

A Lunar Saturnian Matrix?

Cancerian age happens in between ca 8640 – 6480 BC. In Old Europe, there is the worship of the Mother Earth Goddess. Archeologically, it appears people are living quite peacefully. However, if we look to Astrology, it is a period ruled by the energy pattern between the polarity of Moon and Saturn. There is supposedly a Nibiru return 7200 BC. Pleiadean sources through Barbara Marciniak, talk about how women now undergoes a traumatic event. A separation and an imbalance happens between the genders and with a great deal of suffering, especially for women. Here is the reminder how biblical gods had intercourse with women on Earth, causing the origins for painfull childbirths, and in legends, the birth of giants.


Are there alternatives to our present 9 months lunar fertility cycle – are we approaching another fertility cycle?

Vaenirs, Aesirs, Fornjots, Seafaring 'gods' and cultures

The age of Gemini follows in between ca 6480 – 4320 BC. The separation between genders continues, as this is a sign of polarity issues between Yin and Yang, illustrated as a woman (Tefnut) and a man (Shu) in Egyptian zodiacs, later seen as male twins in more recent zodiacs. It is a sign of duality, but also of unifications, of movements, of commerce. There are Maps of Ancient Sea kings that derive from this time. In Norway and Sweden (Alta, Nämforsen), there are rock carvings of a few ships from around 4000 BC.

In old annals about the ancient North (Flatöboken), the god race the Vaenirs are mentioned (the cult of the Njords, Nerthus, Freys, Freyas). Are the Vaenirs of a Frisian descent? On the other hand, Nordic myths tell us that the Vaenir had their origins from the west side of the river Don, North of the Black sea. And that the Aesir, the Odins, Thors, had their home on the east side. There are migrations up north through Finland around this time. Old annals tell of a people in Finland called 'the Fornjots', described as giants and as 'Seakings of the Kvens'. 'Jot' in Fornjot means 'giant', and FinnScandinavia has also been called the 'home of giants', 'Jötunheimar'. Just before the Viking age (700 AD), these seakings were forced to move into Norway. Maybe influencing the later viking age.


Are the Fornjots Scythians? Or Goths? Canaans? Nefilim?

Bocksaga from Finland, and who are the Goths?

There appears to be a particularly suppressed history in Finland. They have something called the BOCK SAGA, an oral tradition of Norse pagan history. It says that the year 1050 AD, 30.000 men organized by the Roman Church, arrived and slaugthered an ancient kingdom in the south of Finland. The Bock saga tells of a place called HEL, now the city of Helsinki. 'Hel' supposedly the name of the Earth polar axis when millions of years ago it stood upright to the North, supposedly an era of Paradise. The Bock saga says the Goths or Geats came from Gotland, an island situated in the Baltic sea. We have the Goth lands of East and West in Sweden; Östergötland and Västergötland.


Who were the original Goths?

Egyptian and Sumerian Dynasties

The age of Taurus is around 4320 – 2160 BC. Traditionally, Taurus is the creative builder, often the materialist, as spirit has descended more fully into matter. This is a period of building megaliths as seen with eg. Newgrange, Avebury, Stonehenge, the Giza pyramids (although probably older).

The dynastic period of Egypt begins, its guiding star Sirius is seen on the horizon. Hierarchal and patriarchal civilizations start as Nibiru supposedly returns around 3600 BC. Dynastic Kingdoms and citystates are reformed. Personally I think there are two technologies and interest here, the Nibirian Sumerian and the Osirian Egyptian.

On one hand there is the technology of Baal, Seth, and its controlling left hand path with a reptilian base from a very dark occult past in Atlantis. On the other hand, I believe there is an infusion of an Osiris Isis Mystery - maybe from Sirius A, an attempt and a trial for a reparation of a fallen, or a distorted state of human consciousness. In mythology, this is described as the murder of Osiris by his brother Seth, but also of a restoration process of the same – to be restored by the family of Isis and Horus.


Are there two agendas going on here, the technology of the left hand path, but also of the right hand path? Both based on dynastic kingdoms, on royal blood lineages originating from Atlantis.

Increase of Patriarchy and warfare

The age of Aries starts from ca 2160 BC – 0. It is a traditional sign of warfare, but also of new beginnings. There is a 'Cimbrian Flood' dispersing Frisians over Europe as their 'Old Land', Atland, sinks beneath the waves. There is the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, a likely nuclear war, and the era continues with Abraham from Ur, seeding the origins of the Old testament and Abrahamitic religions. It is an era with wars, upheavels, migrations. There are priesthoods of Seth and of the Babylonian Baal. Monotheism grows with Akhenaton, Moses, and the Exodus takes place.

It is an era with the beginnings and then sudden endings of Bronze Age cultures, and the Iron age starts. There are Greek, Persian and Roman empires, there are volcanic eruptions from Crete. The Phoenicians are dominating the seas. But there are also the beginnings of Buddhism,Taoism, and Hermetic Pagan Mystery shools with Pythagoras and Plato. And Jesus is born. Scandinavian annals describe that tribes of the Vaenirs, giants, Huns and Goths, are all at war with each other. And Odin, a Magician from Turkey, is about to enter the scene, which is one version of who Odin was. There are others (Bock Saga, Frisian 'Wodan').

Refaim Giants into the North?

I get the feeling this period is so tied in with Judeic Hebrew lineages and history, that the rest of the world is somehow forgotten. There are stories in the bible of giants called 'Refaim', that originate from the Middle East (Gilgal Refaim). One such giant is named Og, said to have been present in the Ark of Noa. These giants are said to have sailed with the Phoenicians to their new homelands in Scandinavia.

On the Swedish westcoast, there are Bronze age rockcarvings of humans in ships seen with figures looking like giants. Around 1000 BC, Thor arrives with likely roots from Troy. Thor is a slayer of giants, or maybe himself is a giant. Legends in Scandinavia are later filled with many stories about giants. Odin, in genetic lineage, is said to have come from Noa via Thor.


Do Scandinavians have a forgotten race of giants? It is recorded that some of the viking chiefs actually were as big as giants. Did the giants originate from the areas around Caucasus, or from areas around the Black Sea (Armenia, Sumer, Ukrain, Scythia, Canaan)?

Magical Gifts from Tuatha de Dananns

Who were the Tuatha de Dananns, seafarers, invaders, said to be powerful magicians bringing magical gifts to Ireland and to the Island of Man. They are later to be called 'Faery' or 'Fey' like beings. In the Irish Book Of Conquests, this tribe has Scythian and Norse warriors with them on their ships.


Do Danes and Denmark have connections to this tribe?

In myths they arrived from Islands in the NW, probably from Atlantis. Some like to see them as the biblical tribe of Dan, possibly related to the lineage of what is called 'the Grail Lore' via Royal families, and via Caucasus, Scythia, Phoenicians, Sumer, and so forth.

Desposyni and the Holy Grail

The Piscean age starts from the year zero until 2160 AD. There are many theories whether Jesus existed or not. To me his historical existance is clear and valid. Moreover, Nibiru made a likely return at this zero point of time, said to have plans for a complete totalitarian take over, but was hindered by the birth of Jesus. It has been shown, for instance by Santos Bonacci, that religions have foundations in Astrotheological blueprints, hence more easily can be manufactured and manipulated - but this will not exclude the notion that an Avatar, or a World Teacher, may incarnate and manifest these blueprints into their physical lives.

Now, it has been said that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, had 3 children, creating a bloodline called the 'Desposyni', which is part of the story of the Holy Grail both in France and in Arthurian Britain. This bloodline has been labeled as a 'Messianic Royal' or 'Faery Bloodline', a lineage of kingships said to go back to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, to a son of Eve and Enki called Cain.

Not many are familiar with the notion of a Celtic Church, the story of how Joseph of Arimethea, together with the young Jesus (or Jesus son), made visits to Glastonbury, there constructing a mud and wattle building around 37 AD. This Celtic Church has no links to the foundations and teachings of the later Roman Church. But being aware of the Desposyni the Vatican has done its utmost to suppress the knowledge of the Celtic (or the Nazarene) Church, persecuting groups and members of this faith, such as the Cathars.

Scandinavian Blood Lineages

I would like to follow the Desposyni, or at least a likely 'Faery' bloodline into Scandinavia. While the Arthurian Grail legends unfolded in Celtic kingdoms, there are from the first century AD, some curious 'Faery' bloodlines formed with Scandinavian chieftains and saga kings. In Norway, Petty Kingdoms were formed with names such as Ringerike, Alfheim, Möre, Halogaland, Tröndelagen, etc. Odin has been listed as an ancestor of 'Faery' bloodlines, but maybe rather he intermarried the preexisting cults already existing in the north.

A son of Odin (named Frey married Gerd, Gerd said to be a half giant) thus formed 'Ynglingar,' a lineage of Svea kings called Elves (Alver). Odin is also listed as the ancestor of Danes with Sköldungar (Shieldings). And (together with a half giant woman called Skade) originates a bloodline in Norway called 'Saemings'. 'The Saga of Ynglingar' tells about saga kings later founding the kingdoms of Sweden and Norway.

660 AD, around the time of the last saga king (Ingvald the Wicked, a Frey born King, 'Lord of the Elves'. A time when Druids and Druidic colleges in Wales were persecuted by the Roman Church, an era when Mystery schools were closed and libraries burned in Europe), the Roman Church were busily erasing traces of the old learnings, cults, temples and cultures around the Mediterranean Sea, also in Britain, Wales, Ireland, Egypt and in Europe.

As I see it, the Nordic myths are hiding a much older history of folks, kingdoms and races in the North. There are tribes of giants, also 'Huns' (not Asian) and Kimbrer. Kimbrer in turn possibly a people related to the Celtic word 'Cymry'.


Who were the folks in the old Norse kingdoms? Like in Arthurian Britain, the Desposyni Lore and the legends of Tuatha de Danann, they had 'Faery' connotations.

Gaelic Norse Heritage and Culture

Around 600 - 700 AD, a Gaelic Norse culture was formed on the Island of Man. And just before the Vikings were about to start their raids, Nordic people settled here. Later, possibly doing very conscious battles against the inset of the Roman Catholic Church. Now, the Isle of Man has a previous history with the Tuatha de Danann. It is said these Magicians brought spiritual gifts to these lands, as eg the 'Cauldron of Inspiration' (a forerunner to the Grail).

Is there a piece of history largely ignored here? Christianity happens very slowly and gradually in Scandinavia. Around year 1000 AD, a viking chieftain Olof Skötkonung, is baptised and made king by a bishop Sigfrid from Glastonbury, possibly bringing Celtic influences into Sweden and Norway. But is later overtaken by the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, as a Norwegian King Olof Haraldsson is made into a catholic saint, 'St Olof', but not without very strong heathen resistances.

St Olof is killed by a man named 'Thorir Hund'. 'Hund' shows the name of a people or a heathen tribe in Halogaland. A St Olof pilgrimage route begins from Trondheim (Nidaros) across the mountain range into Sweden, and to the Baltic sea. However, this route was superimposed upon an older route probably named 'Hällevägen' (Hel's road) honoring an ancient Hel culture, possibly with a centre in Lofoten, Halogaland. Along this route there are rock carvings from 3000 BC, also the legends of a dragon like sea beast similar to the Scottish 'Loch Ness'. It so happens that this northern seasnake, in myths, was created from a Cauldron similar to the Celtic 'Cauldron of Inspiration' myth. (Along this route coins have been found from Isle of Man).

In between 1093-1266, Norwegian kings ruled over Island of Man (also England, Denmark and Norway). Eventually they had to return to Trondheim, possibly transmigrating Celtic Cauldron mythology into northern Scandinavia. Also along 'Hällevägen', there are some smaller pyramids, apparantly placed in the 4 cardinal directions (seen as heaps of gravel by archeologists).


Is there a Dragon leyline or route linking Celtic influences from the Isle of Man to Trondheim and Lofoten, and into other areas of Scandinavia?

Oppression of Prehistoric Cultures and Myths. A Release of the Collective Consciousness

Our so called 'mythological' prehistory is suppressed. Europeans are these days manipulated to become 'multicultural' with invasions of more or less authentic immigrants, and with an erosion of European cultures. Apparantly the word 'gene' derives from the word 'genius', meaning 'spirit'. It appears that various ET races in the 4th dimension are keen to harvest the human DNA.


Are Europeans genetically harvested by Anunnaki religions and their 'gods'?

The 'Grail Faery Bloodline' will include the symbolisms of Dragons, Serpents, Cauldrons, Grails, Cups, Swords, Rings, etc. All very reminiscent of Tolkien and 'The Lord of the Rings'. But will also include the symbolism of Vesica Pisces, the geometric union of the Divine feminine and masculine principles, an alchemical marriage, more than likely also represented by Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Ancestral Tree Yggdrasil

As a summary, the Worldtree Yggdrasil may tell us more about the ancestral branches of the Indoeuropeans, and of the people from the North. Here we'll find the 9 homes or 'heims' or 'gårds' with the Aesir ASAGÅRD and the Vaenir VANAHEIM. HEL's folk with HELHEIM, may have been Atlantean (Frisian) and Pre Celtic tribes, with centres in Frisian 'Helgoland', in Norwegian 'Halogaland' - connecting a Dragon leyline 'Hällevägen' (St Olofs pilgrims route) via Swedish 'Hälsingland', to a centre in Finnish 'Hel' (Helsinki).

The 'Faery Faith Grail Lore' is related with the 'Alf Ynglinga Sagan', as seen with ALFHEIM. Giants have come in various shapes and sizes across the Earth, also seen in Arctic regions with JOTUNHEIM. Icy cold NIFELHEIM, and fiery hot MUSPELHEIM, can be interpreted as an Astrotheological blueprint, the workings of the Magnetic Electric forces of the Universe, the creative quantum zero fields of the cold contractive and fiery expanding forces of female and male principles. Yin and Yang. Darkness and Light.

Yggdrasil is nourished from the root chakra, cave and womb of VULVAN, or VALAN, the NORNS, the Nordic shamankas, the representatives of the Divine feminine. I believe that VALHALLA, the 'hall of Val', and a paradize for warriors, is the place of the Divine feminine when Divine Love is the ruler. Could it be that RAGNARÖK, a renewal and revelation of 'gods', can now truly begin as we start to see our 'gods' for who they really are? Is it time to retrieve the root Saga of 'the Lord of the Rings', as we release the past and create a New future in the Now - in the paradise realm of the Valhalla 5th Love Soular dimension? Within!

Birgit Edwall


Birgit Edwall's course of life began in Östersund, Jämtland, in the North of Sweden, a small town near Frösön, the 'Island of Freyr' and an old trading place from the age of the Vikings (placed along Hel's way now St Olof's Pilgrims route). She now lives in Gothenburg after spending 18 years in London during the 70's-80's. Birgit found that that her multi-cultural experiences in the UK, also emphasized the importance to be very grounded in your own culture. Giving up her profession as a technician in Medical Research, she studied and became a Yoga teacher, Astrologer, an Active Dream worker (ancient myths can be seen in your dreams) and a Writer of 3 books.


Oera Linda Book

The Fascinating Story of Indo Europeans and Those Who seek To Destroy It

Red Ice Tv

Book of Enoch on trolls, giants and Biblical connotations

Bock sagan - Welcome to Hel, Movie (2016)

LadyoftheLabyrinth´s Old Norse Mythology

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I de seneste måneder henover sommerperioden er vi alle blevet bombarderet med energi fra solens kerneprocesser, som har skabt en rotation både i vores ydre og indre. Jeg har flere gange tænkt for mig selv "Stoooop!". Det var som at blive hvirvlet ind i stormens stærkeste vinde. Hele tiden skete der noget, som jeg kunne ikke nå at forholde mig til før noget nyt skete. Jeg kunne ikke følge med. Det var som om jeg ikke kunne finde mit center. Jeg blev suget ud i orkanens rotation og kunne ikke finde vej tilbage til mit ellers rolige center.

Jeg kunne ikke længere mærke min mave, mit center, mit hjerte og følte mig blot irriteret og stresset. Mit center hvor jeg altid orienterer mig fra, hvor fra jeg finder dybde og bredde og sammenhænge sammen med mit hjerte. Der hvor jeg altid tager jeg udgangspunkt i at multiverset understøtter mig.

Jeg har altid virket som en kanal for multiversets energi, dets indstrømninger og betydningen af disse. Jeg oplever altid en indstrømning, dens kvalitet og betydning for det indre og ydre arbejde før de fleste. Når jeg har forstået den bliver jeg i stand til at hjælpe andre med at forstå den og jeg kan facilitere andre ved at være orkanens øje og have roen og overblikket. Jeg laver orden i kaos. Først må jeg jo gøre det for mig selv.

Denne indstrømning byggede og byggede og det tog mig lang tid at få hold på at den ikke holder op. Den er et langt sejt træk til transformationen har fundet sted. Da jeg startede i klinikken igen, efter en oplevet frustreret og urolig sommerferie, kunne jeg se at indstrømningen ramte mine klienters liv. Gulvtæppet var blevet trukket væk under dem og hele deres fysiske grundlag var rystet. Jeg så den ene eksistentiel krise efter den anden. Manges liv var vendt på hovedet. De var lige som jeg, kommet ud af balance, for mange havde det dog langt større konsekvenser.

Solens kerneprocesser som vi modtog gennem sommerens lys er information, som åbner og aktiverer cellehukommelse i kroppen, dybere og bredere end før så hukommelse aktiveres i cellerne. Cellerne begyndte at frigive helt ubevidst materiale, som før havde været for smertefuldt at besøge, fordi der var alt for meget angst og smerte. Med lys følger mørke, forstået på den måde at dissocierede dele af os tydeliggøres for at kunne heles. Samtidig åbner vi for i det lys at huske langt større dele er vores oprindelige hele. Vi begyndte at huske hvem vi i virkeligheden er, for at få inspiration til at omsætte dette, at udleve disse potentialer og mærke det mørke som havde stoppet os i netop at gøre dette i dette og mange liv.

Alt det som står i vejen for at vi kan integrere de dele at vores højere bevidsthed, bevidsthedens ressourcer, som en ny kilde Inspiration i vores liv. Jeg forstod, at menneskeheden var gået i gang med at forløse overskrifter på traumer og fastlåst energi ikke blot i dette liv men også i det Liv, der gik forud for dette, som måske blot er parallelle liv. En stor og dyb forløsning var gået i gang for menneskeheden. Det virkede umuligt for mine klienter at pågå med ikke at forholde sig til deres traumer.

En forløsning som var sat i gang på mange planer og som har stor indflydelse på vores liv Her og Nu. Først måtte vores bevidsthed, krop og psyke gennemlyses af lys, for at frigive de gemte dele vi for længst var stukket af fra i vores kodning af det at dissociere gennem angst.

For mit eget vedkommende mærkede jeg et fokus på at gå indad, endnu en træning i at slippe fokus på det ydre. Fra at være et Anker i mange menneskes liv blev mit hovedfokus at være et Anker i mit eget, sideløbende med at jeg oplevede forbindelsen til enorme ressourcer fra mine tidligere rejser i bevidsthed og fysisk form. Helt lavpraktisk oplevede jeg på ny måde at etablere en relation til mig selv på, alle de dele, som er blevet synlige gennem sommerens gennemlysning.

Jeg mistede helt fornemmelsen af hvem jeg selv var, intet resonerede på samme måde som før. Alt var nyt. Intet gav længere mening og mit gamle "målings-system" virkede ikke. Jeg svævede frit i rummet. Jeg forstod at jeg måtte lære mig selv at kende igen, at finde mig selv i det det oplevede liv har gjort mig til og det, der giver næring fremover. Alle de store spørgsmål dukkede op igen.

Dybt inde var jeg i gang med at lære at mestre bevægelsen af at være i rotationen der, hvor alting går stærkt og sker på samme tid, uden at miste min forbindelse til min mave, mit hjerte, mit center. Stormen jeg stod i var langt større og ligeså opgaven at finde orkanens øje. Jeg opdagede, at de mange års indre arbejde heldigvis gjorde at arbejdet blev isoleret til kun denne opdatering.

Jeg bad om klarhed og hjælp i processen. Jeg forstod, at alt hvad jeg gennem årene havde arbejdet med af traumer og smerte hørte en anden tid, en anden energi til. En streg i sandet var trukket og et nyt liv skulle begynde. Den process foregår normalt via døden. Det var en dødsproces og en genfødselsproces på én og samme tid.

Det føltes både euforiserende at lægge disse tunge dele til hvile i et lukket kapitel og skræmmende at træde ud over klippen i frit fald til det nye, som endnu ikke er skabt. Jeg huskede og trøstede mig med at Hopi indianernes havde fortalt, at skiftet er ligesom at river rafte på en vild flod. Du kan vælge at lade strømmen kaste dig afsted og råbe "yeahh" eller du kan hoppe ud af båden og prøve at svømme tilbage mod strømmen. Det første lyder klart mest vidunderligt!

Jeg bad om klarhed og hjælp i processen. Meget af denne klarhed kom i gennem drømme, men også igennem meditation fik jeg indsigter. Jeg forstod, at det var tid til at jeg forankrede mig tydeligt i mig selv og dermed i verden og måtte finde frem til, hvad der i processen kastede mig ud af stormens øje.

Jeg oplevede mig selv som et få uger gammelt foster, ved indgangen til det fysiske liv. Min mor havde fået et dødt barn første gang, et handicappet barn anden gang, nu ventede hun mig. Min mor var intet mindre end rædselslagen og gennem denne angst blev hun fraværende på det tidspunkt, hvor min lille krop udviklede rygrad og nervesystem. Følelsen af at være helt alene om at bære min egen eksistens med så umoden en krop var overvældende. En lille detalje som var livsformende.

Den bevidsthed og det nærvær jeg skulle læne mig ind i som en lille skabelse var fraværende og betød at jeg selv skulle bære min egen eksistens og min mors smerte. Det kunne jeg selvfølgelig ikke. Derfor opstod der en overspænding i min rygrad og mit nervesystem. Allerede her lærte jeg at tage ansvar for alt for meget - overkompensering.

Dette skulle vise sig at skabe et mønster jeg kom til at gennemsyrer hele mit liv. Jeg blev primus motor eller tovholder ikke kun i min barndom, men også i mit voksenliv, i nære ydre og indre relationer. Jeg var ikke i stand til at tage næring til mig. Ydermere blev min rygsøjle skadet med smerter til følge. Ubevidst ønskede jeg gennem dele af livet, at nogen ville bære for mig, dette skete naturligvis ikke, således fungerer spejlets funktion jo ikke.

Hele hele mit voksenliv har bestået af at lære at bære mig selv stykke for stykke fra et voksent sted. Nu nåede jeg endeligt til sagens ophav, som bar tråde langt før dette liv.

Jeg kunne udelukke arbejde, familie relationer, venner, livsstil og hjem - tilbage var blot den aller tætteste relation - kærlighedsrelationen i parforhold. Mor er den første dybe relation vi har, så lige efter bogen, at det i voksenlivet bliver partnerrelationer, der ikke nærer som det var i mit tilfælde. Det stod mig klart, at det var et sted jeg slet ikke kendte og at jeg i alle liv i hele denne sidste epoke på 12.000 år ikke var blevet næret i partnerskab.

Ved begyndelsen af epoken lå et livsforløb, som var forløberen til hele epoken på Atlantis, som jeg kan fortælle om ved anden lejlighed. Det har både været en ensom men også lærerig rejse, en rejse tilbage til at kunne nære sig selv indefra til en ny væren en mesterlære i at stå i sig selv, fyldt ud af eget nærvær accept kærlighed. Et center om kerne så stærk, at det nu kan rumme ressourcer fra mit hele og langsomt begynde at omsætte disse til skabelse i det fysiske liv.

Alt dette førte sommerens lys til fuldendelse. Eller blot en begyndende fuldendelse . Sådan er det også for hele menneskeheden - vi bevæger os ind i et helt nyt energiniveau fra en frekvens til en anden. For hvert ryk, hver bevægelse, hvor vi kommer til stede med de indre dele af os, krabber vi os ind i den nye frekvens.

At komme til stede med alle dele af os, at kunne være sammen med alle dele af os. Hvert åndedræt skaber den transformation vi er midt i. Hvert åndedræt, hvor vi kommer tilstede med det, der nu engang er derinde, nærer og fylder os ud med essensen af os selv. Og åbner os til at være et med alt.

At have en oplevelse som min i fostertilstanden bringer også resurser med sig. Den gjorde mig i stand til at bevare kontakten til multiverset hele livet igennem og udviklede min evne til at være empatisk og indsigtsfuld.Jeg blev lidt af en multikunstner god til at være og orientere mig på mange planer på en gang og min utrættelige livskraft blev tydeligere som årene gik. Gaver jeg er dybt taknemmelig for og som har faciliteret rigtig mange mennesker fra smerte og opgivelse tilbage til livskraft og trivsel.

For mere end 20 år siden kaldte jeg min klinik for "Light of The new Dawn" uden helt at forstå dybden af det valg. Det nye Dawn er ikke kun der, hvor solen står op for 1. gang på en ny menneskehed. Det er bogstaveligt talt der, hvor menneskeheden går ind i det som kvantemekanikken kalder Event Horizon, som ligner en solopgang. Der hvor vi går fra time-space til space-time, nogle kalder det Ascension.

Jeg ser det som et skifte, et skifte fra at være koblet ind i frygt til at omkoble en i tillid. Tillid som den bærende kraft i vores liv. Vidende om, at vi er understøttet af multiverset, det er denne bevægelse vi langsomt gør os ind i dette lys. En udrensning af kodninger, energier og den fysiske krop. Alt det som ikke længere tjener den oprindelige del af os, rummes for så at integrere sig. For så igen at oplyses i lyset fra skiftet.

I en drøm blev jeg vist at vi alle blev overskyllet af tsunamier af vand. Følelser. Nøglen til processen ligger i vores følelser. Gennem generationer har vi lært at følelser er forkerte og farlige, både gennem religion og intellektualiseringen, som gennemsyrer hele vores samfund. Visdom er blevet evnen til at tænke.

Min oplevelse er, at vi er blevet vildledt. Følelser er det, som skiller os ud. Følelserne er vejen til visdom, vejen til indsigt, empati, fred og fællesskab. Når vi kan rumme vores egne følelser for det de er, blot en følelse - en oplevelse - kan vi løfte os forbi deres styring med os. Ikke ved at undgå dem, men rumme dem, gå ind i dem og finde visdommen i dem, og opdage at pilen altid peger i retning af at blive hel. Så står de ikke længere i vejen for os, så vi må løbe slalomløb på livets vej for at undgå følelser.

Når du ikke længere fastholder følelser, står du klart i lyset. Husk, at du er den, du har ventet på! Hele dig!

Tak fordi du læste med.

Kærligst Tine

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Menneskehedens rejse gennem materien har været lang og ofte smertefuld, uanset om det omhandler biologien eller sjælen. Forståelsen eller nærmere magien i dette skal findes i vores biologis historie.

På den ene side består vi af biologi. En biologi som til dels er et eksperiment, udført af mester genetikere og som blev til den skabelse som på engelsk hedder "HUMAN", altså dyremennesket. Udført med en hjerne og nervesystem der delvist er reptil, præcis som dem der skabte os. Her ligger nøglen til overlevelsen, et system der slår til og som næsten altid vinder. Dette er både godt og skidt. Godt fordi det har sikret racens overlevelse gennem barske tider, skidt fordi vi reagerer på frygt ubevidst og kan blive traumatiseret. "MAN" altså mennesket, sjælen/bevidstheden er skabt til at leve i frihed, kreativitet, forbundet til alt i dyb væren.

Altså kunne man sige, at vi består af konfliktende elementer. Kamp/flugt, overlevelse kontra bevidst væren, udfoldelse, at leve. Betragter vi dette fra en multidimensionelle vinkel ser vi at disse faktisk understøtter hinanden, da det beviste liv altid søger mod healing. Når mennesket bliver traumatiseret er et af dens forsvar at dissociere. At træde ved siden af sig selv eller nærmere at dele af mennesket bliver bevidstløs. Lidt af sjælens væsen parkeres eller udfases. Vi overlever, men stopper med at leve. Her træder sjælens krafter ind og forsøger at kalde mennesket tilbage til traumet for at få det forløst. Her i ligger magien eller den multidimensionelle krølle. Vi bliver syge eller får psykiske symptomer som angst og depression. Tilstande som forstyrrende for vores livs flow. Dette er ikke en fejl. Sjælens kraft er altid den stærkeste og kalder endeløs på at vi vender tilbage til at leve.

I mit arbejde oplever jeg en eksplosion af mennesker, som har modet og paratheden til at genbesøge de traumatiserede steder, for at hente den del af dem selv, som trådte ved siden af, hjem. Når vi laver dette stykke arbejde, "overrider" vi reptilsystemet og genvinder denne del af bevidsthedens potentiale og oprindelighed, man kunne også sige, at vi skaber en kanal for igen at kunne downloade sjælens kraft frit. Herved bevæger vi os hen imod at blive mere "MAN" end "HUMAN". Når dette sker genopdager vi den mulitidimensionelle del af os og begynder at leve. Når vi begynder at koble til multidimentsionelle begynder vi også at "vågne" og se klart. Her i CC gruppen støtter og faciliterer vi hinanden i netop dette. Dette er en af de stærkeste indstrømninger jeg ser i denne forunderlige tid vi lever i. Når denne indstrømning favnes bringer den også andre sidegevinster med sig. Sidegevinster som fokus på at nære os selv og finde fred i nuets realitet gennem forståelsen af at mulitiverset understøtter os og spejler os. Livets begivenheder og dens medspiller bliver det magiske spejl, hvori vi ser os selv. Ikke ulykkelige tilfældigheder, men vejledninger til os om, at vi kan favne og løfte os mod klarhedens lys. Alt hvad vi møder på vores vej afspejler dele af os. Så er vi utilfredse med dele af vores spejl hjælper det ikke at slå i spejlet, gå indad og find det du ser i dig selv, favn det og nær det.

Alt er godt, alt er bevægelser mod at se livet klart og mod at forstå, at vi kan lade kraften fra sjælen flyde frit og derved bevæge os væk fra at være et offer til at blive mestrene i vores eget liv eller "co-creaters" med altet. Det er altså den indre næring som kalder på dig , sammen med favnen af alle dine dele i dyb forståelse og accept af, at alt er præcis som det skal være lige nu og er en bevægelse på vejen mod større klarhed. Må vi i fællesskab skabe er fint og forunderligt rum her i CC-gruppen, hvor der er plads til at inspirere fra mange vinkler.

Jeg vil fremadrettet gå i dybden med disse og nye emner til inspiration for dem der føler dette som nærende. Ha en vidunderlig sommer. Kærligst,


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